Nicolas Jaar (Live)

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London Electronic presents

Nicolas Jaar (Live)

Wednesday 27th July | 8pm 1am Nicolas Jaar / Live Valentin Stip / Live Gadi Mizrahi
Thursday July 28th | 10pm 4am Nicolas Jaar / Live Valentin Stip / Live Gadi Mizrahi Soul Clap

Fabric, 77A Charterhouse St City of London EC1M 3HN
Price: 10-15

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After the sellout March event earlier this year, Nicolas Jaar returns exclusively for London Electronic for two exclusive dates to close the summer alongside his original family members and newest signing, Valentin Stip.

Since releasing his critically acclaimed debut artist album in February 2011, Nicolas Jaar has become an underground phenomenon and cult hero single handedly reprogramming the face of electronic music. His intelligent and measured approach to production has sent audiences clambering to experience his award-winning live set and media attention into overdrive. All of which is not so remarkable until you learn he is a 21 year old still studying at university.

A new band format for his live shows was introduced this year and only performed in the UK at fabric to date. With festivals such as Glastonbury and Sonar on the horizon before then, this will be the only chance to catch him performing in London for the year. These exclusive two mid week dates from London Electronic utilize Londons most infamous nightlife venue in a new mid week format showcasing its world-class soundsystem and bringing electronic music into a new live setting.

The live band format features Ian Sims on drums, Will Epstein on saxophone and keys, Dave Harrington on guitar / electronics and Nicolas Jaar himself on piano, vocals and electronics. This new concept was born from long established relationships and a shared passion for treading into mysterious new ground. The lush textures of Space Is Only Noise are redefined in this fresh framework, embracing the subtle nature of Jaars music from a new perspective and pouring light into the corners of its intentions.

A saxophonist for twelve years, Will Epstein met Nicolas in their teenage years and they began to play music together in high school. We played on the street, in bands, in dark basements, and started to learn to listen, Endless hours dripped away and the sound wrapped around us, said Will of their early times. Epstein also attends Brown University with Jaar and formed the band Spank City, alongside other members Ian Sims and Dave Harrington while there. Their psychedelic improvised approach was a similar hybrid to Jaars musical concept. We explore everything through the lens of a profound interest in human creativity. In high school, Nico and I used to refer to the music we loved and the music we loved to make as something akin to a wheel. The music of Space Is Only Noise, wonderfully, feels very much like this. As such, in performing the music live, I feel it’s my responsibility to explode the wheel, but only so far as to keep it moving.

One of Jaars most recent signings to his Clown & Sunset label is Valentin Stip who will also be gracing us on both nights with his debut live set in the UK whilst on a break from his studies at the eminent Brown University alongside Nicolas Jaar. At just 19, he treads a similar path to his label head, having to practice a fine balancing act between study and music production. His debut release on Jaars own imprint Anytime Will Do is due out at the beginning of July to coincide with this date. French born and classically trained, Val turned to the musical abilities of his computer after he moved to Montreal and found himself missing his piano and guitar. His ghostly subtle style is set to capture the masses from the onset.

One half of the illustrious Wolf + Lamb duo Gadi Mizrahi also joins on both evenings. Mizrahi signed the first record from Nicolas Jaar who was then aged 19 and nurtured him along his path to the forefront and remains to be one of his biggest supporters. This year has seen the Wolf + Lamb family reach a wider audience with their intoxicating style of house and ever growing family of artists. Having released his debut album Love Someone as part of Wolf + Lamb back in 2010, the pair were invited along with Soul Clap to deliver their own mix for the renowned DJ Kicks series earlier this year to great acclaim. Gadi has spearheaded The Wolf + Lamb Experience, a tour that hit some of house and technos most important hubs with a full cast of W+L characters in tow. On top of this hes launched a new vinyl-only imprint, Double Standard Records, and released an armful of 12-inches by their tight knit family of artists.

Thursday night show sees the extra addition of the notorious Soul Clap. The Boston based mischievous pair are branding a sound with a brush from the past and in the process, creating some of the most refreshing grooves that these tired old dance floors have heard in some time. Their re-edits of 80s pop and 90s R&B have found their way into the hearts, minds and souls of revelers throughout. London Electronic is an opportunity to experience the curious world of Nicolas Jaar and his close circle of related artists as they continue to conquer the fragile space that lives within the heart, body and spirit of music.

Tickets now on Ransom Note.