Mrs Jones Emporium

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Mrs Jones Emporium
49 Hackney Road

Is it a shop? Is it a salon? Is it an office or is it an uber cool record store? Its all of the above and so much more than you could ever wish for – all under one roof!

Thats right, think Studio 54 London style with a twist of Mr Benn and thats what you get when you enter the Mrs Jones Emporium. And thats exactly how she wants it

Loves Clothes, Hates Fashion is her motto and with a portfolio not to be messed with, having dressed the likes of Kylie, Sizzer Sisters, The Killers, Katie Perry and some!! Her clothes have been seen on the front cover of every magazine and now shes opened a shop. The Mrs Jones Emporium bang on the Hackney Road.

Hire or buy what you like from the Emporium being the Darkness trousers, made from their fans knickers, the Ryhanna cat suit, Bross studded Jacket the list goes on. A magic walk in wardrobe thats got something for everyone with prices ranging from high to low and styles ranging from everyday to the ecentrick all done in a Mrs Jones fashion!

Just as all magic wardrobes should have – a cosy little boudoir salon tucked around the back of the Emporium where Victoria Saunders, stylist to the stars has set up shop to cater for the general public (that would be you) for general public pricesIts a POP UP salon so this offer only last for 4 months!

Taken under the umbrella of Mrs Jones Emporium last year, Drama Parlour and Mrs Jones have now combined forces and have become a duo not to be messed with. They have welcomed LoveLee Eyewear into the fold with his unique collection of new vintage sunglasses complimenting and concept of the shop.

With aN on line record store tucked further around the back, Used Not Abused offers a digitalised service where as you give them your old records and have the lot, theyll even sell them for you! Its a one-stop shop wonder

And theres more Mrs Jones and the Drama Parlour have teamed up with event organiser Kelly Love and together have become the Sort Yourself Out Love team where they offer a unique festival party experience pitching up shop just about anywhere people can hire the team for events / festivals hen nights the lot! Mrs Jones will be on hand to customise your outfit and the Dram Parlour will have her team of Hair and Make-up artists to ruff and tuff you into something magic. Kelly Love will be dishing out Love advice and leading a helpful hand into the creations!

One last thing the team offer is a DJ agency service with a roster to knock your socks off –

It really is all happening at the Mrs Jones Emporium, this fashion, music make you look good savvy team have got it all rolled into one big fantastic bundle of fun right on your doorstep pop in aND pay them a visit and youll we sure to go back for moreyou lucky bastards!