Maximum Joy Set To Reunite At Simple Things Festival

Art & Culture

Maximum Joy, the cult favourite post-punk band from years gone by, are lining up to reform for their first live performance in over 25 years at this year's Simple Thing Festival down in Bristol.

A pioneering figureheads of the South West's burgeoning music scene in the early eighties, the band still have plenty of modern day admirers including Andrew Weatherall and Optimo who will surely be excited by their return. Having curated music that reflected the political and social climate of Thatcherite Britain the band have returned just in time to see the Tories back in solitary power once more.

Though they may only have a handful of releases to their name the reach of Maximum Joy in immeasurable and anyone who has even the slightest of warm, fuzzy feelings towards them will surely be desperately clutching at the chance to see them live once more.

Maximum Joy are performing at Simple Things Festival in Bristol on 24th October – find out more here.