Lv Set For Live Show At St. Pancras Old Church

Art & Culture

Globetrotting production LV is made up of Will Horrocks and Simon Williams. The duo recently released their new LP 'Ancient Mechanisms' on Gille's Peterson's Brownswood. The record was inspired by a live session in 2012 with Armenian Pianist Tigran Hamasyan. Later influencing the title, they found the skeletons of their instruments to be of increasing interest and spent hours recording the noises of an old, discarded piano that they'd found. Now in 2015, after a trip to Belgium, the record is complete and is described as holding 'as much about the workings of musical artefacts as it is about putting the virtuoso pianist into new contexts.'

Their next show on 30th October will be the first live performance of the release. The choice of venue being perfectly fitting, St Pancras Old Church an intimate venue, full of history.

Tickets available for the show at St Pancras Old Church can be found here.