Lisbon’s Arroz Estúdios host ‘Vozes do Futuro’: a music & arts festival celebrating Black culture

DSC01524-1Marina Mole
Art & Culture

Throughout October, which marks Black History Month, Lisbon-based studio Arroz Estúdios are hosting ‘Vozes do Futuro’: a music and digital arts festival supporting local Black creatives and activists.

The month-long event will focus on community and collaboration, and seek to ‘educate, acknowledge and highlight the influences of Black culture in music and arts throughout history’, whilst amplifying and celebrating the voices of Black pioneers and communities in Lisbon.

Over 60 Black creatives, artists and speakers complete the line up throughout October, including DJ Marfox, Mim Suleiman, William Florelle, Rroxymore and many others.


On top of nights and events spearheaded by DJs and musicians, the event will also feature weekly markets, physical and digital art exhibitions premiering newly minted NFTs from Black artists, and a ‘Back 2 Poetry’ night providing a platform for discussions regarding culture, race, identity, art, politics, Web3 and community building.

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