Lil’ Louis Comes To Horse Meat Disco

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The man behind house music’s biggest orgasm (and bona fide Chi-town house legend) Lil’ Louis will play a disco set at Horse Meat Disco in September

Horse Meat Disco is rapidly becoming the place to catch legendary DJ talent performing a rare disco set (as all HMD guests are bound to do – think Weatherall, David Morales, Carry Nation and new-school disco convert Skream, all in recent memory ), or even just enjoying the vibes – for example, I first had the pleasure of meeting a certain Harvey Bassett at The Eagle in Vauxhall, when he’d popped in to check out HMD after he was able to visit the UK again and you’ll often see other  DJs there to take in the club’s unique mix of NYC vintage disco party and modern London club night; think Paradise Garage for realness and Peckham for a mixed London club crowd… who are mainly gay, mainly male, often bears but are always welcoming to all genders and persuasions.

Another reason you get the likes of Terry Farley, Rocky, Diesel, Tim Sheridan and more there on their nights off is those aforementioned special guests. It’s now more of a question of which dance music hero HASN’T played at Horse Meat yet… but still, this one is pretty special. Lil’ Louis, the man behind ‘French Kiss’, aka ‘house music’s most infamous orgasm’ will grace HMD at the Eagle on Sunday 14thSeptember. One of Chicago’s house music luminaries, whose DJ skills go back to even the pre-disco era as he told R$N recently, Louis is still known for rocking the daylights out of the best clubs on the scene – think Glasgow’s Sub Club,  London’s Fabric and Bristol’s Motion, plus he’s also infamous for not wanting his sets recorded, so he can pull out his own special tracks for those dancefloor moments not even he can fully predict. He’s also been making his own documentary about house, ‘The House That Chicago Built’

for the last few years, so you know he takes his shit pretty seriously.

Accordingly, Jim Stanton, HMD’s co-founder, is pretty excited about their upcoming guest. ‘We’re over the moon, the feedback is phenomenal already,’ he told me shortly after it was announced. ‘We forget these pioneers all began with DISCO and it's an honour to have him come share the love. We can definitely be happy; he’s always been on our ‘wanted’ list! ‘

I then had to ask the wonderful Mr Stanton, which one of Lil’ Louis’ tracks is his favourite to play out? Does he like a bit of ‘Lil Tanya’, or does he fear a ‘Blackout? ‘Oh, my fave track to play out is without doubt ‘Club Lonely’, but if we're looking at something a bit more late night then, ‘I Called You’ is the one.’ Guess we’ll see which one Louis favours soon enough…

Manu Ekanayake