Lets Keep The Ban On Bee-Killing Pesticides!

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OH NO!! Our bees are in trouble again/still (we're not really sure which). The government is deciding whether to let bee-killing pesticides back into the UK. Did you know that without bees, we wouldn't last very long – scary eh? If these pesticides (known as neonicotinoids) are allowed back on the fields, the bees will start dying.  Last month a group of scientists concluded that these banned pesticides don’t just kill bees, they damage other insects and plants in the countryside too.

Tomorrow morning, 38 Degrees member Pat is meeting MP Liz Truss – the enivironment minister. Pat will hand the petition to keep toxic pesticides out of the UK. So far, over 230,000 have signed the petition, let's make it to 250,000 before the big meeting tomorrow!  

Click here to sign the petition and tell MP Liz Truss to protect the bees. 

For more information on how harmful the pesticides are for the bees click here.