Kate Simko To Speak At Number 90 As Part Of Nous Sessions

Art & Culture

Nous Sessions are back with another industry focused event. Running since 2013, Nous Sessions invite inspiring artists to educate and discuss their journey in music. Chicago born artist and founder of London Electronic Orchestra, Kate Simko, will share her experiences next Tuesday, 17th May, from 7pm.

In the music scene for over a decade, Simko is recognised for her releases on Ghostly International, Spectral Sounds and Hello?Repeat. The event comes following the recent launch of her first EP 'Tilted' with London Electronic Orchestra.

The talks are split into three parts, with an audience-led Q&A session rounding off the discussion. The event will take place, as per all Nous sessions, at Number 90 Bar and Kitchen, Hackney Wick from 7pm until 11pm.

Previous guest speakers include Andrew Weatherall, Perc, Mike Huckaby, Patrice Scott and Matthew Herbert.

You can more information on the Nous session website and book tickets here.

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