Jeff Mills Composes Live At Ade

Art & Culture

Jeff Mills, one of the biggest names in American techno, will be composing three tracks live in The Rembrandt House for the Amsterdam Dance Event this year. For the event's 20th anniversary, ADE will be adding a course of workshops, Q&A sessions, masterclasses and exhibitions where a host of dance industry greats will be speaking and showcasing their talents. Jeff will be working in the same studio as Rembrandt did all those years ago and will give a talk afterwards about how he was inspired and managed to create the music. It could only get more cultural if we were playing a lute on top of the Coliseum wearing traditional Scottish dress.

ADE also comprises of a festival, playground and a conference all of which are held with high priority in the dance music world. This event will run from the 14th to the 18th of October and is the perfect place to spot music trends and discover new music. Each year the festival and conference attract over 350,000 people from 75 different countries so getting your tickets early is vital for ADE. 

Get tickets and cards for ADE fomr their website and also check back there for the latest programme information.