Free Peur Bleue Lable Night This Friday

Art & Culture

Peur Bleue records is a new label based in Peckham run by Parisian Anatole Baboukhian AKA Gohan. Over the past few years they’ve been slowly but surely putting together a string of releases showing their deep love of underground electronic music. They’ve just dropped their 5th release, the excellent “Stabbed in Konya” by Gohan they’re teaming up with some close friends of the label to dance the night away in the wonderful Rye Wax basement in Peckham.

This is a fee event but you’ve got to be on the list so if you’re thinking of joining them just drop your names to or post them to the Facebook Event here.

Line up:

Gohan (Peur Bleue Records)
Volte-Face (BleeD Music)
Kenny White (Phonica Records)
Murun B & Ivor E (EARS HAVE EYES Records)