Five Miles host ‘Rave For The Rainforest’ this Friday

Art & Culture

This weekend the North London club will host an exciting array of disc jockeys and artists across multiple rooms with the aim of raising money for the Protect an Acre scheme. Dark Sky, Louise Chen, Nicky Soft Touch, Kassian, Poly-Ritmo, Binks, Fall Up, Errol Anderson and Lucid Stannard have all been announced for the party so far which will take place on Friday the 4th of October. 

Pioneered by the Rainforest Action Network the Protect an Acre scheme has been in operation since 1993. The charity describes its role as follows:

"Since 1993, RAN's Protect-an-Acre program (PAA) has distributed more than one million dollars in grants to more than 150 frontline communities, Indigenous-led organizations, and allies, helping their efforts to secure protection for millions of acres of traditional territory in forests around the world.

Protect An Acre (PAA) grants support grassroots leadership and local organizations in forest regions to protect threatened forest lands and to protect the human rights of communities that have co-existed with and depended on these regions for generations.

These grants are critical to help local activists regain control of an sustainably manage traditional territories. With your support, grassroots organizations can launch successful land title initiatives, create powerful community education programs, develop sustainable economic alternatives and build lasting grassroots resistance to destructive industrial activities."

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