Electropark Exchanges Announce ‘Incompatible’ Milan Music Shows

Art & Culture

Electropark Exchanges is a three-year project of music shows and training, with roots originating from the Genova festival that took place for the first time in 2012 and progressively conceived innovative audiovisual performances on local theatre stages. Launching in Milan in April, the first three shows hosted at Teatro Franco Parenti will have as a common feature apparently incompatible musical genres contaminations. Electronic music blends with jazz, classic music and post-rock. Artists collaborating on stage will be Kangding Ray and Mogwai's Barry Burns, Harmonia's Roedelius with To Rococo Rot's Schneider, and Bugge Wesseltoft with Christian Prommer. As well as the shows, there will be on hand training sessions for students across stage management and post-production.

For further information on Electropark Exchanges in Milan look HERE.