Electric Wire Hustle – Live

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Starchild, Citizens of the Universe, Recording Angels…It gives us great pleasure to deliver to you cosmically, live and direct from the outer-space realms of somethinksounds & Dimensions Festival: ELECTRIC WIRE HUSTLE.
Hailing from the antipodean state of New Zealand the boys have been causing a stir since their formation in 2007, which has seen them go from strength to strength in studio output and also their exceptional live show. Releases on boutique Japanese label Wonderful Noise, and an outstanding self-titled debut album on Barely Breaking Even Records in 2010 received amazing responses from fans and critics alike for the genre defying sounds that escaped from the speakers. Tearing down boundaries, maintaining an unmistakably innovative, fresh sound, whilst also paying tribute to the classic old school vibe of years gone by is no easy feat, but these boys do it with a no sweat steez.
This led to several European tours where the boys really got to do their thing, performing mesmerising live performances and showing the world exactly how they get down. Watching the boys jam onstage is truly a music lovers delight, as they effortlessly exchange instruments throughout the performance you see their immense talent in all its glory. Myele keeps the percussive groove locked in tight and true while Taay lays down some serious, funk-laden baselines on the Microkorg, and then Mara takes the crowd to new found serenity and bliss with his unbelievably sensual vocals, reminiscent of Al Green or some shit. Floating between Neo-Soul, Hip Hop, Electronica, Psychedelica and back again, its safe to say that the Hustle are tough to pin down to any one particular style…and thats exactly why we love them.
Imagine if you will, that you were to throw Dilla, Spacek, Marvin, Fat Freddys & Hendrix all into a large musical cauldron, and you were to mix that concoction up for a few hours over a low heat. Then just as the mixture came to the boil you sprinkled in the sexiness of some Neo-Soul and the sensibility of several well-selected samples…season to taste. Now you might just be starting to get a rough idea of how life changing this could be. Put simply, these guys are seriously hot and in our opinion, one of the best bands out there right now. Buy the album, buy a ticket, and come down to the Church on 17th August and we promise you that you will be anything other than disappointed. And that comes with a no-satisfaction, money-back reaction, which we don't offer out too often. So's you best jump on it while you can…
Electric Wire Hustle (LIVE)
17th August
The New Empowering Church – 1 Westgate Street, Hackney, E8 3RL
£10 ADV / MOTD