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(Special 20th Anniversary 3 Hour Set)
plus Coldcut
Special Guests tba 
Saturday 28 January 2012 at The Forum
The undisputed Godfather of the electronic beats scene, DJ Krush, celebrates 20 years since his first ever live gig with a very special 3 hour set sure to delight his legion of fans!
DJ Krush’s importance as a music producer cannot be underestimated and without him some of the biggest artists Soundcrash puts on would simply not exist, at least in their present form. He single-handedly turned Hip Hop and Turntablism into an artform by virtue of his immaculate sample selection, clever use of effects and sensational scratching routines. Eschewing the extravagant I-can-scratch-faster-than-you pissing contests of his American counterparts, rejecting the purist notion that jazz cannot exist outside traditional live instruments, and applying a very Japanese sense of minimalism, balance and progression to his compositions, DJ Krush set the tone for the following 20 years of electronic music production. But despite this enormous influence, DJ Krush has always been a live performer at heart, honing his skills to perfection throughout the years and now capable of building layer after layer after layer of drum samples to the point where his audience have no choice but to completely lose it and immerse themselves fully in the wonderful, dark, and downright genius world of DJ Krush.   
In every good beat worth its salt in the past 20 years there is a bit of DJ Krush. In the really good ones, there is a lot. And tonight, we get 3 hours straight from the source. It’s time to celebrate.
Soundcrash presents… DJ KRUSH
DJ Krush + Coldcut + Anchorsong + Kidkanevil + Special Guests tba
The Forum (Kentish Town)
Saturday Jan 28 2012
£17.50 advance, £20 on the door
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