Disco Biscuit pres. Gatto Fritto

Art & Culture
After taking a summer break, Disco Biscuit are back at Bar 512 and are very happy to welcome GATTO FRITTO to the biscuit barrel for a night of high quality, underground electronic music.
A prolific DJ and esteemed producer, Gatto Fritto has released on the likes of Electric Minds, Dissident and International Feel, who put out his incredible eponymous debut album in 2011.

Having served behind the counter of various London record shops over the last decade, Gatto Fritto has an enviable record collection that runs from the deepest Balearica to the rarest Detroit techno, while his own productions such as ‘Invisible College’ have found fans including Andy Weatherall and DJ Harvey.
This guy knows his onions and joins previous DB guests including DFA’s Capracara and Toby Tobias.

Bar 512, Dalston
5 on the door 
All night long
GATTO FRITTO (International Feel/Dissident)
Plus Resident Biscuits