Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 Opens Today

Art & Culture

If you've got a love for nice things and a hankering for some high end window shopping -or if you're one of the few Londoners left who's actually got some surplus cash- then may we suggest you take yourself off to Clerkenwell Design Week? The misleadingly named festival (it only runs for 3 days. Lazy bunch, these creative types) sees it's 7th annual event take over Clerkenwell from May 24th – 26th, with some of the best independent designers in the capital showcasing their undoubtedly lovely work. Entrance is free with registration, and we'd even hazard a guess that there's some free booze on the go- the true London master knows that as summer season approaches, all it takes is a cocksure walk and an unfounded sense of entitlement to guarantee entrance to a network of private views and design shows; do it right and you need never buy a drink again.

There are talks, workshops, competitions and events running from morning to evening until the end of the week – you can watch a clip from last year below, and check out the timetable and register for a ticket here.


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