Cassette Store Day Set For Round Two

Art & Culture

News just in – Cassette Store Day will be returning to the UK this September. Last year saw the inaugural celebration of the good ol' C90, a low res, fiddly format that none-the-less holds a rock solid place in the heart of anyone who ever called a 'mixtape' a 'mixtape' because it was a mix, made on a tape.

With cassette only labels and releases springing up left right and centre – and why not in an age where physical artifacts are thin on the ground, and a run of 30 tapes still costs bugger all – it seems that Cassette Store Day is set to grow this year. Taking place on September 27th, and run by Kissability and Suplex Cassettes in the UK and Europe and Burger Records in the States, the event will take place across various music outlets, with bands and labels releasing one off specials in a similar manner to Record Store Day. Last year saw releases from Animal Collective and The Flaming Lips, and this year promises more as yet unannounced goodies.

With the details of the event still in the early stages, CSD are encouraging participation – any labels or artists who want to get involved should head over to the official website and see what they can do…