carnival preview

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It’s like marmite, the carnival – some love it, some hate it. Personally, I’m religiously devoted to it. Having been born in North Ken and lived on the route for almost my entire existence, I like to think I have it down to a fine art. I’m also taking the year off to have a baby. So If I’m going to live vicariously, I want to make sure it’s done correct…

Here are five tips to making the most of it this year….

1. Check out Abashanti and Channel One for bowel trembling basslines and spiritual guidance. 

2. Go native and get down to Panorama on Saturday and get involved with the mud slinging that is J’ouvert early on Sunday morning.

3. Check out the NTS soundsystem on the corner of Hazlewood Crescent – they’ve got the likes of Gilles Peterson as well as the NTS regulars Charlie Bones & crew.

4. Drink high grade rum – Appletons and up. Don’t rock up with your Bacardi/Lambs Navy. Rum is a serious business.

5. NEVER EVER eat the chicken after dark. Anything left over after 8pm is left over for a reason. Eat well and eat early, all consumables after 3pm should be drunk, popped or inhaled.