Berlin Atonal – First Names Announced

Art & Culture

Last Year R$N's very own Jake Davis had the chance to go to Berlin Atonal, he mentioned in his review that he had a great time and a "hard time to describe such a spectacular event and monumental space in words". We 're happy to announce that the sonic and visual festival is back this year. It will be held in Berlin Atonal's permananent home in an abandon warehouse (can it get any cooler?) in Kraftwerk, Berlin from the 19th-23rd August. 

There'll be a European one-off live performance of Outside The Dream Syndicate, and an unmissable collaboration between Tony Conrad (the avant-garde video artist) and German band Faust. The collab between Tony Conrad and Faust  will be a collage of percussion and violin to create a universal blend of krautrock and drone.

One of the delights we're most exicted for this year is seeing Alessandro Cortini – he'll be presenting the very first full audio-visual performance of his solo project  – Sonno. In the main room expect to hear electronic minimalisim by  David Borden + The Mother Mallard Ensemble, and the abstract techno performed by Mike Parker. Berlin Atonal will also provide us with the presence of: Regis, Ancient Method, Fis, Ena, Osaka based Ryo Murakami and many, many more. 

Berlin Atonal festival from 19th-23rd of August. For more information on the line-up and tickets click here. 

If this is not enough to make you excited for this year's Berlin Atonal, take a look at last year's: