Benji B Named As New Xoyo Resident

Art & Culture

XOYO have announced that the next DJ to take up the coveted weekly Saturday slot at XOYO will be Benji B. Following on from Skream's current run, Benji takes over from Saturday 4th April to Saturday 27th June. Unlike previous residents in XOYO, Benji has been running his Deviation event at the club for the past two years, so already has a fairly decent handle on how things are going to play out-

 “It’s important to me that the residency is a true reflection of me, my taste, my influences, my history and my future." he writes

"The curation will be a statement: acknowledging the DJs, producers and club nights who have influenced me, as well as supporting brand new artists who I believe in, which has always been a central part of the Deviation concept…”

“The fundamentals of the night will never change. It’s going to be Deviation for 13 weeks and if you’ve ever been to one of our nights you know what to expect – and if you haven’t, there’s no better time to come and find out why we love it so much.”

“When I was growing up it was always the DJs with residencies that impressed and influenced me the most. Its one of the reasons I started Deviation in the first place. The investment of time and dedication that a residency requires as a DJ and curator is one of the only ways that scenes, communities and sometimes-even genres themselves can be created within club culture. To the modern DJ in 2015 the idea of a weekly residency is a challenge. To the DJs that laid the foundation for what we do, playing in the same place every week was their normal job. I am looking forward to presenting 13 Deviations in a row”.

As yet none of the names appearing at any of the 13 parties ave been announced, with further details expected on Wednesday March 4th – check XOYO website for more info.