Alfresco Announce Boat Party On The Thames

Art & Culture

With Alfresco Festival 2017 tickets now on sale for their event in Tunbridge Wells next May and confirmed acts already including Optimo, Wolfgang Flur of Kraftwerk and Zombies In Miami, the party team are having a salty shindig on the River Thames next month. Last years boat party was a rollicking affair, and this years edition promises the same tidal shenanigans with Mr. Haules Baules Logan Fisher at the helm, ably supported by his co-pilot Jonah Considine. East London crew VANISHINGPOINT! are guests for the cruise with their resident Marc Hasler getting up a head of steam as the boat sets sails for five hours of seadog celebrations. All aboard!

Alfresco On The Thames with Logan Fisher / Jonah Considine / Marc Hasler is on 5th August 2016 and tickets and info can be found HERE.

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