A Love From Outer Space Head To Limerick

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Welcome aboard this SSS Air flight to Shannon…

Benedictine Cummerbund: (yawning): Why does Tipperary always get the blame for it being a long way to? It’s an even longer way to Limerick. 
Tory Whip: Only by about thirty miles.
BC: Mmm. Don’t suppose they sing about it much there, then.
TW: What? Where?
BC (singing): ♪ It’s a long way to Tipperary ♪ … (speaking) in Limerick. Well, they probably have their own version.  (Singing) ♪ It’s a short way to Tipperary / I’m just popping up there now, actually / Can I get you anything? ♪

“Can I get you anything?” One of the world's great mis-answered questions. 

I have on current agreement (from Rob, Tomas and Phil of The Scoundrels Sound System and hosts for the weekend) the following:

1. ALFOS. Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnston doing their justly-lauded stuff best, and more. In a venue that will delight, in capacity and intimacy and spaciality.

2. Cheap Flights. That Irish fella Ryan who runs an airline and not everything else can offer you a “seat” for just £15.

3. Guinness. Limerick is in Ireland, what else needs to be said.

4. Balearia. Andy Pye will be hosting a Balearic Social from here as a Saturday party "amuse bouche" ahead of further jocks with sticks. Andy is currently working on an app that will allow mortals to define Balearic by simply holding your tablet up to the source.

4. Beach. Well, a stormy river.

5. Lemonade. Ask on arrival.

"At Least Three" (TM) of the above are GUARANTEED!

After wondrous sorties to Carcassonne and Amsterdam, seems a grand time for cadets. Sat here in horrid cities, we'll go with that assurance. 

Scoundrels Sound System Proudly Presents A Love From Outer Space – Splashdown in Limerick 20th November, grab your tickets here.