4dsound Announce ‘Circadian’ Project

Art & Culture

4DSOUND announce a new project called Circadian. But wait, who is this 4DSOUND fellow and what does he want?

"4DSOUND enables you to walk through space and experience sound from all directions. Sound seems to hover in space – like a phantom. Sounds move around, above, beneath and in-between the listeners. Led by your ears, you’re encouraged to explore the space. You can move between blocks of sound, touch lines of sound and walk through walls of sound." The people behind it have been developing their sound system since 2008, and have been showcasing the system at renowned events such as Berlin Atonal and ADE.

4DSOUND would, it seem, be in fact a collective who do a soundsystem, not a person. But it's fun to refer to things anthropomorphically so that's what we'll do.

So 4DSOUND is going to trundle himself out once more at Today's Art Festival in The Hague, for a new project called Circadian. From September 24-27th 2015 he will present a 24-hour exploratory programme. "Ranging from psycho-techno, to interactive performances incorporating neuro-sensors and embracing meditation participants will be guided through the experience by Lisa Park, Oscar Mulero, Marco Donnarumma, and Kazuya with Noqturnl A/V performances by John Connell and Florence To."

Worth making a trip to the Netherlands to meet this old chap? We think so.

You can find out more about who 4DSOUND is here