Comedy Slices #44

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As the comedy slice continues on its festival quest round the country – becoming increasingly delusional that tent life is the way forward and greasy hair is in vogue,  it seems particular fitting that this week takes us to Wilderness Festival in the wilds of Oxford where the offering of comedy comes alongside feasts from Ottolenghi. True wild child living.

Tax Deductible
Shit faced Shakespeare. The name pretty much says it all. This performance involves a genuinely drunk actor performing A Midsummers Nights Dream. This obviously raises a few concerns such as will this actually be amusing to watch a drunk bumble through Shakespeare without being slightly  inebriated  ourselves? To that I say line up the shots. And let your fears of it being to calculated to rest as the professional actor is chosen at random each night and the quantity, what and when the actor drinks is entirely in the audiences’ hands. A performance to see but not to replicate after your sixth tequila of the evening…

Ben Target
Ben Target is bonkers. His comedy is somewhat indescribable but know this is a man with props. A man with props who also has a Edinburgh comedy award nominated and a Leicester mercury award under his belt. A whole world away from any other comedy you will see. Stretch those comedy horizons and check out this surreal gem.

Andre Vincent
Andre Vincent has been a legend on the comedy circuit, and with nine sell out runs at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival you know this guy is going to be good. His latest subject matter is cancer as he turns his own battle with kidney into an award winning comedy gem (his BBC show Hurrah for Cancer has won several) Not bad for such a sensitive depressing subject matter. Go  laugh in the face of adversity. 

Holly Hyde-Smith