Comedy Slices #41

Art & Culture

Summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the street. Or getting down to see some comedy. In a field. Comedy Slice as got the festival fever so is making like Kerouac, is off on the road to give you a simple slice of the comedy not to miss at festivals. 

We begin our journey, at the beginning, in our home town as this week’s festival morsel is Balham Comedy Festival.

Thursday 12th – Tania Edwards: The Art Of War – 10 

In an attempt to win an argument with herself Tania Edwards has turned to Sun Tzu’s Art of War to learn how to defeat her enemy, only to learn that to defeat your enemy, you must first know yourself which is tricky when your enemy is yourself…an unusual starting point for a comedy show but then Edwards’s first show Killer Instinct (I see a pattern emerging) received stellar reviews, so I have high hopes that this isn’t going to be as schizophrenic as it sounds…

Friday 13th – Mark Steel: In Town – 16

Mark Steel is back on the stand up circuit! His latest show draws upon the theme from his highly acclaimed Radio 4 comedy show (that nabbed the Sony Award and Writers Guild Award). The radio show In Town focused on the quirky interesting elements of small towns and for his live show Steel will write material that is bespoke to every town and city he visits. And there is nothing more enjoyable hearing about a quirk of your own town, this is going to be a truly unique experience. 

Saturday 14th – Lucy Porter: Northern Soul – 13

Lucy Porter delivers feel-good comedy that is always a huge hit. She’s had three UK sell out shows and is a recognisable face from a host of shows such as Mock The Week and Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Despite being born in Croydon Porter felt like she didn’t belong South, after moving to Manchester, marrying a Welshman and travelling the world she still feels a nomadic tug that forms the basis of her current show that examines the question – does geography shape our destiny? 

Holly Hyde-Smith