comedy Slices #36

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 With a summery slice of comedy this week filled with stolen comedy, bitchy comedy and with a sprinkling of bacon – as always we aim to provide an eclectic selection of the city’s most funny-bone tickling comedy for the upcoming week. Enjoy!

Saturday 8th – Islamahomophobia – Soho Theatre – 12.50 

The title of this show is not only intriguing but more than a mouthful. Will this show offend or enlighten?  Judging by his previous shows that are a wicked combination of intelligence, shock value and pure bitchyness this no doubt will be an entertaining combination of the two. Go on indulge in some catty witticism on a wide range of topics such as gay marriage, the Koran, and Capurro’s third midlife crisis. 

Monday 10th – Joke Thieves – The King’s Head – 5

Often there is a very thin line between inspiration and plagiarism. Then there is the whole other realm of outright thievery, and kleptomania is what this new  night is all about. The concept is that comedians perform others’ sets and the audience has to guess who has stolen from who. I have concerns for comedians mental welfare at this night – what if someone makes you into a cliche or worse is better at your act than you? Treachous terroirity. Worth going along to the launch night then – with a host of great comedians including Tony Law and Will Mars amongst others.

Wednesday 12th – Baconface: It’s all Bacon – Soho Theatre – 7.50

Baconface. The man in a mexican wrestler’s mask covered in fake bacon is cited as not only a cult ’80s Canadian stand-up comedian but the inventor of Canadian stand-up Baconface is evidentially bit of a legend. Ahead of his show at the Fringe he is doing a short stint in London, his first in 30 years (read tickets are selling like hot cakes). Now, if 30 years ago you were a mere glint your parents eyes or not yet ready to appreciate a cult Canadian comedian but like Stewart Lee then Baconface is your man as Lee credits him as major influence as well as ‘programme associate’ on his upcoming series ‘Comedy Vehicle’. Pretty good reference. 

Holly Hyde Smith