Comedy Slices # 3

Art & Culture

It's eleven weeks until Christmas (oh yes I went there) and looking at my wintery obsession in this week’s comedy section, I've obviously skipped Autumn and am in the winter zone. Bring on the snow storms and hibernation!

The end of this week brings the end of September and the end of David O'Doherty's show at The Invisible Dot. O’Doherty’s whimsical musical musings on his beefs for the year never fail to entertain and this gem of a show is sure to do the same. So grasp this chance with two mittened hands to see O'Doherty as the Irish Antarctic explorer Rory Sheridan, delivering an illustrated talk of his journey.  
Can you think of a better way to bring in October than warming you cockles with laughter over this icy tale? I didn't think so.
£10, Friday 28th September, The Invisible Dot 
Comedy in the Dark poses a lot of questions for me,  can we still find things funny without the visuals? How dark is dark? Well, pitch black according to Soho Theatre. One thing is for certain, this not the night for comedians whose facial expressions are half the fun. And if this means that this is a night that Lee Evans can never turn up to, it is already a winner in my books. 
Perhaps this could be prescribed as a cure for people who are afraid of the dark? With a line up that includes Seann Walsh, Abandoman, Chris McCausland and Phil Nichol, this night could possibly cure me of almost anything, especially that feeling that penetrates your soul on cold rainy Sunday night when Monday morning looms over. 
£10, Sunday 30th September,  Soho Theatre.