Comedy Slices #19

Art & Culture


With Valentine's day peeking its fat cherub face around the corner coaxing us to take part by whacking us over the head with a giant furry heart, this week's comedy slice is dedicated to the comedy duos out there, with the additional dash of a solo female comedian at the end – just to add some spice.
Foster Award winners Max and Ivan's take over off the Leicester Square Theatre this week comprises of three different shows. You can can pay to see all three, two or just one. I have picked Wednesday's show as the one to see (if you insist on just seeing one). This show is an epic sketch adventure about six ex-con men whose ringleader brings them together for one last con. It's sounds in the same vein of Oceans Eleven/ Lady killers (the original of course) and if any duo could pull it off then I would put my money of these two.
And now on to another dynamite duo, Peacock and Gamble. Mainly known for their podcast this duo are once again stepping outside and into the bright lights of the Royal Albert Hall, or rather a venue inside the royal albert Hall rather than the hall. This marks the fourth date of their eight month tour around the country of 'We Don't Want To Be On The Telly Anyway'. A self- knowingly petulant title. I am a fan of petulance. But if you need any convincing of their worth then check out their podcasts- there is enough of them to win you round. It's enough to make you follow them around for the next eight. The world needs comedy groupies.
Now for the spice in this week's couple themed comedy slice. Sarah Kendall. Kendall  is back with her first show in almost five years,  her past is comedy history is scattered with acclaim- she won the perrier award in 2004 which suggests this is a show worth checking out. This time around the focus of the show is on the type of society we are raising women in, with the birth of her daughter Kendall has begun to suspect that society may not be installing the right values for women. Yes this show is going to get political and be feminist but isn’t a bad thing. It just better be funny too.