Comedy Slices #11

Art & Culture

On the last Monday of each month things get a little hairy at the Comedy Store as King Gong takes over. Although I never find myself envying those who do stand up, this particular night brings an overwhelming sense of joy at being in the audience rather than on stage. Seriously, I would rather participate in a Jackass-esq stunt than be on that stage. Each act has 5 minutes to win over the audience and avoid being "Gonged" off by the MC. Good fun for the us, potentially crushing for the comedians. What doesn't destroy us only makes us stronger….Expect the only  the wittiest, quickest and bravest comics. 

Monday 26th, Comedy Store, £10.50   Book Tickets
Weirdos Comedy Night Presents Black Tie Dinner and After Dinner Speeches. There a lot of things that appeal to me about this evening. Firstly (and most obviously) is the chance to get the glad rags out. A Sunday evening in a dodgy curry house down brick lane in my finery? Yes please! Love a spot of ironic dressing. Secondly, men in black tie is always a rather delicious way to end the week. And thirdly, the comedy. Adam Larter, Ben Target, David Mills, Joe Davies, Stuart Laws and Katherina Vrana will all be making after dinner toasts. Toasts to what? Go find out. Maybe this time I will actually be sober enough to remember whether the curry house of choice delivers on its promised discount. Let's hope not. 
Sunday 25th, Meet at Shoreditch High Street Station, Pay for your meal only. Weirdos website
Now let's go for a classier sort of comic. The sort that is a regular on Radio 4 and Have I Got New For You. And after the curry house I think I might need a Scottish BAFTA winner. Step up Susan Calman, save us from our guilty indulgences with some political and personal stand up. This Lady is Not For Turning Either follows on from acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Fringe. The show is list of reasons why no one should marry her and an unhealthy obsession with Prime Suspect and her three cats. Self-depriciating, defiant, incredibly open and cat obsessed. Sounds like a great show to me. 
Saturday 24th, Soho Theatre, £10 – £17.50 Info/Tickets