Vinyl Resurgence Driving Turntable Revivals


Social media went into a masturbatory frenzy yesterday as every jock in the land decided that this year's holiday/ wedding/ Christmas was cancelled so they could get something fresh & shiny under their slipmats. Panasonic unveiled their new Technics SL -1200G at the vast geekfest, sorry CES 2016 in Las Vegas (obviously). The 50th anniversary release is also available in magnesium limited edition format of just 1200 (see what they did there,eh), which is great for reducing anxiety, helping depression and fibromyalgia as R$N's Aiden's Tonya revealed HERE.

Remember HMV? Well they used to be a music shop on high streets (remember them), and this year they sold cereal-killing Dansettes at the rate of 300 per millisecond over Jesusmas, or summat. Even Tesco are getting in on the game and you can now pick up 180gm vinyls (sic) of Neil Young while you pick up 180gm of Everyday Value beans & hotdogs (my lunch favourite). They even put a handy hole in them so you can hang them on your front room wall, very coolly.

Sony got in on the act by yesterday showcasing a new "deck" that can convert these groundbreaking portable environmentally-friendly "platters" into the antiquated MP3 format of old (ask yer parents).

Finally, rumour has it that Sonos are currently developing a new format, which is shrouded in secrecy but some images have already leaked on to Ceefax.

Tesco Everyday Value Baked Beans & Sausages are available HERE