Review: Gadhouse launch Miles Speaker

5 Minute Read
Written by Matt Cowell

The Bangkok-based brand enters the UK for the first time with the launch of a new speaker system.

Gadhouse, the Bangkok-based lifestyle brand has launched in the UK with the launch of its sleek wireless speakers ‘Miles’. The retro speaker which has an inspiration of “East meets West”, comes as part of the brand’s growing portfolio of audio and accessory products all of which are always well received. Inspired by music legends such as David Bowie and Miles Davis, the speakers blend an 70s/80s aesthetic with contemporary technology for a good looking product priced in at £199.99.

After taking the speakers out of the box, it’s clear that Gadhouse have a unique vision – they combine fashion and audio in a unique way creating a product that is very easy on the eye. The Miles wireless speaker is elegantly designed with a minimalist look that evokes a sleek style that isn’t like other designs, setting it apart to others on the market.


There is a sense of of luxury with this product which you don’t get with many other speakers. The speaker is compact and lightweight making it easy to move around the house or take it with you on the go. The set up is simple, with the speakers allowing for a range of inputs that are easily accessible by clicking through the function button for: Bluetooth, USB, RCA1, RCA2. Speaker 1 also has to signsound input allowing you to connect a turntable or other analogue source. Speaker 2 has a cable attached that simply plugs into the back of speaker 1 when you have decided where you would like your speakers to position and away you go.

The packaging also includes a few RCA cables, AC adapters, 2 carry cases and a cleaning cloth which is the nice touch that elevates the luxury factor. The carry bags and cloth do make the product feel more premium taking that extra bit of care when you have them on display. It’s something that may go a miss with many hi-fi bookshelf speakers and other speakers in this price range.

The combination of matte and textured materials such as the metal grille, alongside the slick silver and black finish make the Miles a stylish addition to your setup. The Gadhouse range does look very good together, making you want to invest in their range to complete the setup, standing out in a crowded wireless market. In addition to the polished design, Miles also boasts impressive audio performance. The speakers are pretty powerful, promoting a true-stereo system with 25 watts per channel amplification and multiple drivers that deliver full-range 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response which create a warm and fulfilling sound. They also feature Bluetooth V5.2, allowing lossless audio streaming capabilities.


What’s very tasteful with Gadhouse’s approach to audio is that they haven’t sacrificed performance for style. Miles sounds just as good as it looks, delivering a rich, balanced sound, which is clear with deep bass and crisp highs. The team have used advanced audio technology to produce a high-fidelity sound which make these bookshelf speakers ideal for your home setup. We found listening to Hip-Hop, Disco and Jazz suited these speakers the best, but all genres sound good and work well.

With Miles, Gadhouse have once again hit the spot. The design of Miles is a real standout feature but it is backed up well by the sound which is a great achievement given the price. Although they are not budget price, they’re not the most expensive pair of speakers in this style on the market. For something priced at £199.99 you wouldn’t expect the same level of attention to detail and they certainly appear more premium than the price tag.

The launch of the Miles speakers in the UK seems to be the start and the brand has promised to release several exciting products in 2023, bringing art, music, and vintage culture to the UK by partnering with indie brands and working on exclusive collaborations. We recommend the speakers as an impressive addition to any home setup and you are sure to find a place for them where they could work, whether that be in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or hallway, they’re going to look and sound good wherever you put them. The minimalist design, coupled with audio technology make them a perfect choice for those who are on a budget. If you’re looking for a high-end-feeling wireless speaker, the Gadhouse Miles speaker is definitely worth considering.