Review: Cork & Rubber Turntable Mats


There is often little discussion surrounding the properties or functionality of a slipmat. We have all however, found ourselves in that notoriously difficult situation of placing our records on to a flimsy piece of loose fitting cloth in the basement of some dingy old nightclub or in a friends flat. It's enough to entice the fear of god into any vinyl loving record fiend as they place their precious wax at the mercy of the unknown. Poor sound quality, surface marks and challenging playback are all that await. I can almost feel the cold shivers and the cringe of discomfort. 

However, there appears to be a miniature revolution occuring on this front and finally we are moving beyond our beloved felt. The latest product to appear at our offices was a collection of ACM 17 cork and rubber composite slipmats. The benefits of such a product are up for debate and assesment, with many remaining unconvinced. However, it is with some pleasure that we began to become adjusted to the new surface material. 

Whilst cueing a record feels slightly more forced than it might do on felt, we began to warm to the firm grip which accompanied playback. The quality of sound was more intricate and precise which can be clarified through the following explanation and rationality. 

Finally we were won over by the stylish properties of the slipmat's appearance. They appear clean cut, sharp and slick upon a set of turntables and let's face it, when we pride ourselves on neatly displaying our records it's only right that we place as much value on the appearance on the tools of our trade. 

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