Graham Dunning Remixes Michael Forrest’S “Computer Screen”


A few months ago, Ransom Note featured an interview with Graham Dunning – the man behind 'Mechanical Techno'.  

Released last week is this new video (watch below) of a Mechanical Techno remix. The original song was put together by Michael Forrest, and has been reworked by Dunning using one of his hand-built machines. 

The result is a frenzied combination of audio and visuals. Dunning’s machine relentlessly turns and teeters, generating analog sounding techno. The sight of the machine spinning round is almost hypnotic, especially when Forrest’s surrealistic visuals are added to the mix. 

The process for creating the video stayed true to the overall vision of Dunning's work as a whole – tactile and live. "The remix was made in one straight take," he told us, "I used some samples from Michael's original track, pressed to a dubplate, then built a new iteration of my machine on top of that." 

Speaking more about the filming of the video, and its playful use of camera angles and visual effects, Dunning said, "we filmed it in the studio with several cameras, also live. We also did some experiments with video feedback with an old vision mixer. Michael put it all together into the final thing, which is in part instructional video, part live performance, and part visual remix.”  

Dunning's work explores the relationship between music and machines, drawing on ideas from left-leaning and abstract art projects. 'Mechanical Techno' did the rounds on social media, and was even featured as a live Boiler Room, with Dunning's hypnotic, clunking machine pumping out techno driven only by the power of a turntable.

Take a look at the video below:

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