Gearogs, The Audio Equipment Marketplace From Discogs


Discogs, the music database and marketplace, prepare to launch a spin-off marketplace for audio equipment this April, the snappily titled Gearogs.

In 2016 they launched Gearogs as an equipment database but will shortly enter the market sphere with this new arm of their operation. Heading up the new site a statement claims that, “We are on a mission to be the largest database of audio equipment on the planet.”

And with Discogs users having helped piece together the most comprehensive and database for music the world has seen it’s likely that Gearogs will achieve this goal.

There are currently over 10,000 items listed on the Gearogs’ database including turntables, synthesiSers, drum machines, headphones, mixers, sequencers, tape machines etc, but they expect this number to rise rapidly once the marketplace function becomes a reality this spring.

The website statement concludes with, “With your help, we'll list every turntable, audio recorder, amplifier, effects pedal, microphone, and every other piece of audio gear conceived. Any equipment that records, amplifies, mixes, or reproduces audio, belongs here.”

More information can be found on the Gearogs website HERE.

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