Best Films Forever Collective launch live broadcast support and tech consultation service


Berlin-based video collective Best Films Forever (BFF) have launched a new service offering live broadcast resources including back-end tech consultation globally, scaleable live broadcast production, and studio space for artists, festivals, magazines, and agencies in Berlin.

Founded in 2018 by visual artists Theresa Baumgartner & Zoya Bassi, and run in collaboration with several producers – Moira Garee, Avril Ceballos, and Petra Hermanova – BFF was born out of a need for more female representation in the tech and broadcast industry. 

Now the BFF Crew are stepping up as live-liaisons, ranging from online consultation about getting artists live-streams up and running to creative production, workshops, and more.

Since launching the collective have worked with various broadcast events including CTM Festival, Pictoplasma Festival, Signal Festival and Boiler Room as well as a mini doc for Holly Herndon’s PROTO and some exciting new music, panel talks, and film shoots in edit.

Email for enquiries. Follow Best Films Forever. Photo credit: Camille Blake.