Beer Goggles Are Actually Here!


Before you have one too many craft beers (drink responsibly readers!) you can now enjoy a different type of ale-driven vision thanks to one brewery. Innis & Gunn are serving virtual reality alongside it's beers at events through out the UK over the coming months. Customers who order one of their fine brews will be given a Google Cardboard mechanism VR headset and headphones. By following the instructions on a beermat, they can then immerse themselves in the Scottish landscapes that inspired the creation of the beer. Virtual Reality has been used in the past to enhance the taste of food, and the brewers believe they can ignite the additional sight and sound senses, and "the taste of the beers will be heightened and a whole new realm of beer drinking unlocked." If you have a 360 compatible device, try the teaser video here.

To try out Immersive & Gunn go to selected alehouses in Edinburgh, Dundee, London & Glasgow.

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