Apple To Get Rid Of Gun Emoji And Replace With Water Pistol, In A Political Move For The Tech Giants


In a world where Kim Kardashian has her own set of ‘Kimojis’ the most recent update from Apple is pleasantly refreshing. Apple are to replace the gun emoji with a toy like water gun, this September. 

Apple users will have access to over a 100 redesigned emojis in September with the new ISO 10 update. In 2014 Apple agreed to a scheme to introduce more diverse emoji’s into the world, the new update will now have a rainbow flag, single parent families and women athletes. 

Apple in a statement did not directly address the particular update just, ‘beautiful redesigns of popular emojis.’ Apple have worked with Unicode Consortium the organization that handles the character standards. 

The move is a political response to the growing gun violence in the US at the moment between black citizens and the police. The campaign group,  New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, started the campaign against the gun emoji ‘Disarm the iphone’ urging Apple to stand up against the NRA and show America they want stronger gun laws. 

Apple have previously pushed back before on gun emojis, such as the proposed rifle for the Olympics. The updates are due to hit Android soon aswell. 


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