Simo Cell announces debut album ‘Cuspide des Sirènes’

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simo cell debut album

The album’s narrative explores themes of magic, charm, and personal fears, as the protagonist embarks on a quest armed with a powerful conch shell.

French electronic virtuoso Simo Cell’s highly anticipated debut album, ‘Cuspide des Sirènes,’ offers a musical journey through a fantastical world, where overcoming mental difficulties is depicted as an adventure. Released on September 14th under TEMƎT Music, the album showcases a unique blend of anthropomorphism, where sounds come alive as characters and tools, including the mermaid-like Sirens, the mind-controlling Octopus, and the mystical Magic Conch Shell.

simo cell debut album


The album is available for pre-order in various formats, including a spectacularly pretentious – how we like it here – limited edition Game Boy video game cartridge with alternative 8-bit versions.

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1. prelude to a quest
2. blow the conch
3. rapids
4. behind the waterfall
5. polite rudboi
6. surface/sirens
7. leave me alone
8. hypnotized
9. where u from
10. erotica
11. rainbow dance
12. grand-lieu”