The Wytches – Live At Scala


If you like your music loud The Wytches are a rare treat, loud enough to get your attention and good enough to keep it. Catching them at Field Day they made a captivating start despite an early slot but that said the Scala seems a far more fitting venue for their brand of raw energetic surf psych.

Kicking off with Beehive Queen which is like a rockabilly tinged version of Nirvana’s Hairspray Queen they’re on fine form and it’s not long before the floor of the Scala is swelling with an overexcited crowd venting teen angst as singer Bell his soul on lost love over monstrous riffs. This isn’t your standard mosh pit though, as with the candles decorating tonight’s stage there’s a ritualistic element to how the crowd pace the floor which adds to the hypnotic nature of their performance.

They rip through the rest of the set from the growling menace of ‘Digsaw’ referencing Jesus Lizard’s David Yow in the best possible way before slowing things to a crawl with the mesmerising ‘Weights and Ties’ and softer tones of ‘Summer Again’. So much of their music references other bands, there’s tinge of early Horrors, a touch of the cramps and some all-out power chords courtesy of Nirvana but the Wytches mix it up in a manner which is all their own, taking their fans along for the ride too.  After showing their softer side they’re done with downtime and ramp it right back up to finish with a jubilant version of ‘Crying Clown’.  It’s an exhilarating end to a frenetic gig and one I’m sure will have more fans flocking to join their coven.