Single Review: Slam & Gary Beck – Pressure Lights


It’s a funny one this. In theory the tightly rolling snares, bare bones production and sudden explosions of kick drum should be great, like a Spastik for 2015, and they nearly are. But there’s a big room sensibility about it all that is way too tame. Every element is impeccably produced, as a result the track is clean as a pig’s whistle, which, I’m reliably informed is very clean. WTF kind of expression is ‘pigs whistle’ anyway? Is the pig in question meant to be a copper? Then it makes sense. Because I don’t think a genuine porker can blow a whistle. How are they going to get it in their mouth with those trotters eh? They’ve got teeth though, in case you didn’t know. In fact they’re vicious beasts, pigs. They’ll bite anyone. If you go near the ones at Surrey Quays City Farm they’ll have your fingers off quick as look at you. So, anyway, switching metaphors, Pressure Lights is the Gary Lineker of techno, reliable, approachable and just a teensy bit dull as fuck.