Single Review: Ray Keith – Greedy Me


20 years! Ray Keith has been running Dread Records for 20 years! And he's still essentially making the same tune! And it still sounds dope! Here's a perfect example, the lead track taken from his Dread Dubs 5 EP, 'Greedy Me' is nothing more an nothing less than a jungle tear out.  It doesn't need a new trend to tether itself to, it isn't coming out on 300 limited edition coloured vinyl made from wattle and daub, and I doubt anyone will be playing it on Boiler Room any time soon. Instead, it's an example of a master effortlessly doing what he does best; amen breaks, disco samples and rugged, belly rumbling, dubwise sub bass. He probably could have recorded it any time in the last 20 years, and it'd still sound heavy. Respect to Dread Records: 20 years strong, and still smacking it.