Single Review: Nite Fields – You I Never Knew


As proof that we listen to (almost!) every thing we get sent, this track came at us out of the blue, and we're dead happy it did. Nite Field are a Brisbane based group with links to the post punk / noise scene  – their album Depersonlisation was mixed by Nigel Lee-Yang from HTRK, and it is getting a vinyl release through Los Angles label Felte next year. This single You I Never Knew is a near impeccable homage to the jangling Gothic indie practiced by 80s outfits, referencing The Mission, Echo & The Bunnymen and Bauhaus with a style that's hard to master. There's little on offer that hasn't been done before, but when you pull it off this well, who's counting? Extra props for having a singer who sounds like the 80s crooner of our dreams – should the inevitable Lost Boys remake happen, we're tipping this lot to turn in the People Are Strange cover…

You I Never Knew is available on Feb 3rd, more info via the Nite Fields bandcamp. Catch them playing London, at the Old Blue Last on Feb 23rd.