Single Review: Kelly Lee Owens – Arthur


Kelly Lee Owens has done something clever. Well, technically she’s done a few clever things, but one of her best ideas, was to drip release her debut single. Instead of giving us the A and B-Side, she released the A side (Lucid) and now she’s dropped the B-Side, Arthur.

Opening with field recordings of birds, babbling brooks and rain, this is about as far away from the A- Side as you can get. However all is not what it seems. Just when you think Owens has gone all Basil Kirchin, a luscious vocal comes in, then slowly the bass and drums flood the mix. Instead of singing Owens is using her voice in the most ethereal way. If I was a sailor in ancient times and I heard this voice coming from an island I’d be over there in two shakes of a mermaids tail.

Musically however this is far from ethereal. Underneath Owen’s vocals is a serious track. It throbs, pulsates and bangs in all the right places. This is thanks in part to Ghost Culture’s production. Together they have crafted something special, that not only complements Lucid, but is a great song in its own right (as all good B-Sides are).