Single Review: Dj Bone – It’s All About/ Tipping Point


The A Side of this is some nice enough Detroit bang. You know the drill by now; stabbing, chrome-plated keys combined with an impeccable sense of when to switch between closed hi hats and open hi hats – who would have thought something so simple could so often prove so hard? But the B Side, Tipping Point, is where I’m really catching a vibe. Here Bone throws back to those sparky melodies that made earlier Orbital cuts, tracks like Chime or Are We Here, so very essential. There’s a beauty to the strangeness of his chord progressions, a reminder that Detroit techno was always about jazz as well as power. This is techno as music for the spheres, as music for the heavens to dance by, rolling, playful and other-worldly. Can’t really ask for much more than that.