Single Review: Ben Sims – Raw Hide


There’s no messing about with Ben Sims is there? Like, he’s not the kind to say he’s fine for a sandwich, and then upon seeing you’ve made a great looking sandwich, say, Oh! I want a sandwich now. Nope, he’d just say, yes I want a sandwich when he was first asked. And he’d eat the fucker, crusts an’ all. No messing. Good man. That’s why he makes this sort of techno. There’s no knobbing about with trendy hi hat patterns, and no frittering away precious life seconds on floaty, over designed intros, this EP is just 4 tracks of straight up, heads down dirty basement pounders. If you like techno, you’ll like it, if you don’t, you won’t. In a world of ceaseless confusion (Syria – explain to me what's going on. You've got 5 minutes. GO!) it's good to know whats what every now and then. Buy it here