Single Review: Airhead – Believe


About 15 years ago I went to my friends Pentecostal church in Deptford, and to be honest it was pretty fucking weird. The pastor spent about 3 hours banging on about lambs, seeds, growth and wealth and after a while I started to suspect he was just splicing exerpts from Farmers Weekly over random selections from the new testament. Then I had to stand, introduce myself on the mic, and go up to be blessed. The pastor dude wiped this kind of icky green hair gel gunk on my forehead, got my face between his hands and, STARING ME FULL IN THE EYES, started to command  – in his Southern preacher voice – that the devil and all his works to begone from my body. All I could think was, What are you doing!? I'm middle class, for God's sake!! This is a public place!! You're showing emotion!! People are looking !!!

Funnily enough, the first two tracks on this Airhead EP would have worked as a perfect soundtrack for the whole experience (or would have done if 'Believe' was 3 hours long, and 'Shrin' went on for 15 horrible seconds.)  So that's nice. Buy it here why don'cha