Single Review : Nathan Fake/ Wesley Matsell – Cambria01


For this debut 12" on his new Cambria Instruments label, Fake has concoted a lurching groove that sounds like he's slipped a handful of rohypnol to house music – for the first 3 minutes anyway, as the beart slips and slides through broken chords and stuttering, collapsing snares. The coda sees Fake drop into a 40 second burst of Boards of Canada inspired ambience, quite beautiful, and surprisingly apt. On the flip, Wesley Matsell turns in a dubby beat that wouldn't sound out of place in a classic DMZ set, with slithering, splintering arps rising up through the reverb and hiss. 

Apparently Cambria is the ancient Latin name for Wales, and the 12" does a fine job of using future electronics to capture the fog and witchcraft of pre-Christian Britain, a mysterious and strong first release.

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