Rich Lane – Sweat Out The Suicide


Patrick Cowley wakes up naked with the words of his lover Sean ringing in his ears. Indulgence is boss, pain is tricky to get over.  

He heads to his Gymbox. Takes a call from his sister as he holds his head, just on an entry off Oxford Street, reiterating his loverboy's pleas.  Still reeling from roofies, THEM BASTARD walking hammers and the pleading sounds of teenage boys will take him to The Wall. 

Fat Bottomed Girls with lively claves and disco agogos work out that Soho sweat, whilst riding stationery bikes with ace arses. 

Patrick ain’t daft. His head can’t get turned (not in his jeans, whatever he’s told). He just has to sweat out this suicide. Sean was right, mebbe he’s the right one this time. Still highly unlikely.

Dripping, but now less horrific, Sean picks him up on the red Vespa. Maybe better for another weekend, but good enough for time?

Pat doesn’t care. He loves it, will repair and do it all again.

Sweat Out The Suicide is out now.