Review: Navid Izadi – Messin (Wolf & Lamb)


Navid Izadi has hit the house motherlode. If, say, you were flying back from a quality summer holiday smash out, heading home to a drizzly existence of shitty menial work and shame faced trips to the STD clinic, then Messin’ would be the soundtrack of choice as you stared, gloomily, out of the grubby Easyjet window. The magic's all in the chubby bassline, workin’ latin percussion and bittersweet chords. If we’re honest, the vocals are going to split people – the boy/girl dialogue of unrequited love works well, but Izadi’s voice is kinda weak – he's no Julian Jonah – and the track is unashamedly poppy. Having said that, we defy you not get the chorus stuck in your head from the moment you hear it, which kinda means it’s doing just what it’s meant to…

Out now on Wolf & Lamb – more on Navid Izadi here