Review: Koloman Trax Debuts On Cavalier


Cavalier Records is a fresh record entity coming out of Ireland. Wasting no time, their debut release by emerging German producer Koloman Trax has raised its sail and finds both artist and label cruising comfortably at steady rate of knots. Already a Boiler Room Debut the three track E.P. ‘Thoughts in Sound’ exhibits a refined pallet of sounds collected from the music making machinery of the past three decades.

These well-crafted productions wear their audio wardrobe with esteem whereby fully loaded kicks are nuanced by tasteful pads, forming an unwavering core for Roland drums to spiral enticingly around. The result is a compact collection of mixes that could well be enjoyed in most any circumstance, depending on your tastes and mood. The lead ‘Trig’ mix exhumes much of its quality from annals of sound produced by underground house artists of the late 80’s and 90’s. Without much complication, there’s nothing exactly ground breaking about this music itself.

Its hardly inflammatory but neither is it directionless or inconsequential. Its true likeability is in its refinement and its virtuous attention to the finer points of electronic music making in the decades aforementioned. As many other artists seek to re-invent the wheel, Koloman Trax has polished up his hubcaps and has settled agreeably on a suitable set of Bridgestone’s. On the flip we find the ‘Hold’ and ‘Key Transpose’ mixes, the latter cranes itself into the neighbourhood of the Dutch West Coast. Which is never a bad place to crane oneself when in search of audio pleasure.

No doubt there will be plenty more to come from both Cavalier and from Koloman Trax. Two spirited debutants whom have married commendably on this breakout EP.

Buy the record from Juno HERE.